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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 29, 2020

Patriot Missile System: Pinpoint PM

Listen up to these tips from Ft Bliss on how to help your Patriot pinpoint the target every time!

Dear Editor,

We recommend these tips to keep Patriots firing with pinpoint accuracy:

  • Make sure to hit all the grease points and keep track of lubrication. The launcher especially has grease points that are often overlooked and then the outriggers or bullring end up with expensive damage. Each outrigger alone has seven (7) grease points, so it’s easy to miss a few on the entire launcher.

    ​To make lubing easier, there’s a diagram on the launcher showing all the lube points and a space to write in the date of the last lubing. Lube at least monthly. Any time you hear an outrigger squeaking, get out the grease gun.

Diagram helps catch all launcher lube points and provides  place for date of last lubrication
Diagram helps catch all launcher lube points and provides place for date of last lubrication.

  • During every PMCS, check every outrigger’s sight glass. If the sight glass is clear, it needs fluid. If you let the outrigger go without fluid too long, the actuator will be damaged.

Finger pointing at a site glass.
Check all outrigger sight glasses.

  • Pull the two drain plugs for the launcher electronics module (LEM) at least monthly and let all the moisture drain out. Especially in humid areas, moisture can accumulate to the point it reaches the LEM electronics. Then you’ve got real problems.

Pull two LEM drain plugs monthly and let all water drain out
Pull two LEM drain plugs monthly and let all water drain out.

CW2 Christopher Shackelford
CW2 John Black
Ft Bliss, TX

Editor’s note: You have indeed pinpointed some excellent tips. Thanks.

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