NEWS | Jan. 22, 2021

Maintenance Training: Find Every Chance to Teach

Listen up! The next time a vehicle comes into the shop with an apparent low tire psi, ask the operator if they have a tire gauge. Then ask them how to check the tire’s psi.
You might be surprised to find out what they don't know, or are just embarrassed to ask. Rather than get angry or shrug your shoulders, such a confession is the perfect opportunity to teach and train. 
You’ve heard the saying, “Give people a fish and you feed them for one meal; teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.” Teaching and training proper maintenance is as important as training marksmanship or squad tactics.

No Better Time Than Right Now
Motor sergeants and maintenance leaders: What about the operators in your unit? While operators may know how to operate their equipment, they may not know how to maintain it properly? By “maintain it,” we mean the PMCS checks in the vehicle’s -10 TM. Now is the time to find out! Take every opportunity to teach and train them. Turn confusion, uncertainty or embarrassment into assured knowledge of how to properly maintain vehicles and equipment.