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NEWS | April 15, 2022

60mm Mortars: Don’t Slack on Preventive Maintenance

Operators and crew members, it’s been reported that some of you aren’t following the lightweight M224A1 60mm mortar system TM 9-101-233-10 (Jul 16) when conducting PMCS. The simple fact is, you can’t truly conduct PMCS if you don’t have the -10 TM immediately available and are following it! Failure to follow the -10 TM can injure people and damage equipment.
Without proper BEFORE, DURING and AFTER PMCS checks, issues like stuck rounds, obstructed cavities, multiple rounds and non-firing rounds can happen, resulting in misfire procedures having to be conducted. Again, these failures are due to the lack of PMCS.
To reduce the risk of these issues happening in the future, follow the PMCS task and misfire procedures in the -10 TM. Misfire procedures are listed in WP 0014 for conventional mode and WP 0015 for handheld mode.
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