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MMC-S: New Software Fielding for JBC-P
By | Feb. 9, 2024
The replacement of JBC-P software with MMC-S software has begun. Learn what this means and how it may affect your unit...

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GB-GRAM: RSAM Software 2.0 Released
By | Aug. 18, 2023
A GB-GRAM software is now available. Keep reading to find out what the improvements include…...

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Computers: Protecting the MFOCS PU
By | Dec. 3, 2021
A number of Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFOCS) processor units (PUs) have shown evidence of environmental damage. Read on to learn more...

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JCR/JBC-P: Might Not Be NMC
By | Sept. 14, 2021
Dark screens don’t always mean your Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) and Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P) tactical analog systems display unit or tablet is NMC. Read on to find out why...

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Communications: Have You Downloaded the RSAM Update Yet?
By | March 3, 2021
A Resiliency and Software Assurance Measures (RSAM) software update is available for the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and Ground-Based GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM) Type I and Type II. The update is found...

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Communications: GB-GRAM Software Update Available
By | Dec. 3, 2020
A Resiliency and Software Assurance Measures (RSAM) software update is available for the Ground-Based GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM) Type I and Type II. The update is found on the new Project Manager (PM)...

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AN/PYQ-10(C) SKL: UAS Version 13.0 Approved
By | Oct. 22, 2020
Product Leader Communications Security (PdL COMSEC) has approved and authorized the Simple Key Loader (SKL) User Application Software (UAS) Version 13.0 for use on the AN/PYQ-10(C) SKL...

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DAGR: RSAM Software on Horizon
By | May 26, 2020
A Resiliency and Software Assurance Measures (RSAM) software update will be available for the Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGRs) in September 2020. Learn more here...

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MSD-V3: Critical Update for the Windows 10 Build
By | Feb. 21, 2020
Soldiers, if you are using an MSD-V3 with the Windows 10 build, there’s a critical update...

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Tactical Computers: Take Cover from Water Damage
By | Jan. 30, 2020
Water has many uses, but one thing you don’t want to get water on is computer equipment. Unfortunately, that’s happening because some Soldiers are leaving their tactical computer systems exposed when power-washing their...

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eMCSUs: I’ll Take Hardware for 20,000
By | Jan. 24, 2020
Enhanced Micro Central Switching Units (eMCSUs) are found in both the Command Post Platform (CPP) and Command Post Communication System (CPCS).  Both 8-channel and 16-channel versions convert radio signals to digital signals,...

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KG-175X: Properly Accounting for KG-175X
By | Jan. 10, 2020
Dear Editor,I wanted to share some information I learned about a controlled cryptographic item.Our unit tried to order LIN Z05505, KG-175X with Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), through the Information Systems Security...

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AN/TKQ-5(V)4: Fired Up About ENFIRE
By | Dec. 19, 2019
A new TM software user’s manual (SUM) 5-6675-390-SUM (Apr 19) is available for the AN/TKQ-5(V)4 reconnaissance and surveying instrument set, NSN 6675-01-617-9193. It’s commonly referred to as ENFIRE. Read on to learn where to...

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By | Dec. 16, 2019
Got CWLAN? If so, TM 11-5895-2080-13&P (Jun 19) is the new operator and field maintenance manual, including RPSTL, for the AN/TYC-45V campus wireless local area network (CWLAN), NSN 5895-01-672-7091. ...

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CPOF: Software Users Manual Now Available
By | Dec. 9, 2019
The software user manual (SUM), TM 11-7010-653-SUM (IETM EM 0381, Mar 19) is now available for the Command Post of the Future (CPOF)...

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Nett Warrior: Phaseout of C8 Cable
By | Dec. 9, 2019
Here’s notice to users of Nett Warrior (NW) System A3/S3, NSNs 5895-01-654-8576 and 5895-01-654-8585. The NW C8 direct interface cable, NSN 5995-01-652-5151, is no longer available. The NW C7 direct interface cable, NSN...

U.S. Army Spc. Josh L. Kingery from Company A., 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division demonstrates his ability to operate an AN/PYQ-10 Simple Key Loader during a communications equipment training course at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria March 04, 2019. This was day one of a week-long communications equipment training course that ensures unit readiness for their upcoming joint training exercise in support of Atlantic Resolve. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Yon Trimble)
AN/PYQ-10 SKL: Software Updated
By | Nov. 21, 2019
The AN/PYQ-10 simple key loader (SKL), NSNs 5810-01-517-3587 and 5810-01-644-4375, LIN C05002, has newly approved user application software (UAS). AN/PYQ-10 simple key loader (SKL)The new approved Army baseline and Army...