NEWS | Jan. 10, 2020

KG-175X: Properly Accounting for KG-175X

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share some information I learned about a controlled cryptographic item.

Our unit tried to order LIN Z05505, KG-175X with Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), through the Information Systems Security Program (ISSP). We were told by Project Lead Network Enablers (PL Net E) and CIO/G6 that these systems are not to be used.
PL Net E and CIO/G6 decided not to include the VLAN license as part of the nomenclature, so the KG-175X should be documented on the authorization as LIN Z05453, KG-175X. 

For any unit trying to requisition a KG-175X, they have to requisition LIN Z05453 in ISSP and create a DA Form 4610-R in FMSWeb to support the ISSP requirement.

CW3 Kelshall Williams
Editor’s Note: Chief Williams, according to the subject matter experts at CECOM, you're right. They acquired the VLAN enterprise license for Army use, so it won’t have to be accounted for separately. They’re working to get all the KG-175Xs established under one base LIN. Thanks for keeping us in the know!