NEWS | March 3, 2021

Communications: Have You Downloaded the RSAM Update Yet?

A Resiliency and Software Assurance Measures (RSAM) software update is available for the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and Ground-Based GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM) Type I and Type II. The update is found on the new Project Manager (PM) Positioning, Navigation, Timing (PM PNT) website:
This latest update reduces risk by allowing legacy SAASM-based (Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module) military GPS receivers to recognize, reject, report, and recover from bad navigation data when operating in a GPS-challenged environment.  
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For RSAM software installation issues or for technical assistance, contact the PM PNT help desk listed on the same website.

Note: Don’t forget to report compliance for the DAGR RSAM update in the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) website:
For answers to your Army RSAM software release questions, contact Lauren Scicchitano at: