NEWS | March 12, 2020

SATS: Don’t Let Mold Take Hold

Standard automotive tool set (SATS)

Finding mold in your standard automotive tool set (SATS) is a nasty surprise. It can cause respiratory problems and damage equipment. Here’s how to prevent mold from taking hold in your SATS:
  • Open up and air out your SATS once a month. Do it more often in humid places.
  • Run the environmental control unit (ECU) to help dry up moisture. Make sure the drain hose is routed through the end wall vent and the drain pan and hose aren’t clogged before running the ECU. The hose is located in the generator room above the curb-side access door.
  • Open all the tool drawers and wipe the tools dry if necessary.
  • Get four (4) vapor capsules/inhibitors that can help dry up moisture with NSN 6850-01-590-1676. You’ll need to replace them at least once a year. Write the installation date on the capsules to help you remember when to replace them.
If you find mold, contact your local safety or environmental office for help. If you don’t know how to contact that office, ask your AMC LAR for help.   
Check out TACOM Ground Safety Action Message 20-009 for more info: