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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | May 20, 2021

FMTVA1P2, HIMARS, LVAD trucks: Look for Leaks on A/C Compressor

This article initially appeared in PS 778 (Sep 17), p. 14.

Operators, during weekly PMCS, you need to do an air conditioning (A/C) leak check on your FMTVA1P2, HIMARS and LVAD trucks.
Note: If the ambient temperature is below 65°F, turn the Heat Control switch to HOT and the Fresh Air/Recirculation switch to RECIRCULATION. Keep the cab doors closed and wait while the cab warms to 65°F. Then turn the A/C switch to the ON position.

You’ll want to look for coolant leaks in and around the compressor shaft seal. If you spot any, report them to your mechanic.

Specifically, look for coolant leaks coming from the A/C’s compressor shaft seal. To see if there’s a leak, start the vehicle and set the A/C controls like this:
  1. Turn the Fan switch to HIGH.
  2. Set the Heat Control switch to COLD.
  3. Turn the Fresh Air/Recirculation switch to either position.
  4. Turn the Vent/Defrost Control switch to either position.
  5. Turn the A/C switch to the ON position and let all the vehicle’s systems run for at least five (5) minutes.
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