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NEWS | March 30, 2021

All Aircraft: Too Hot to Handle

U.S. Army Soldiers assigned to Task Force Panther calibrate and balance the main rotor blades of an AH-64 Apache Helicopter at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan Oct 22, 2018.
Photo by Sgt. Steven Lopez
This article initially appeared in PS 628 (Mar 05), p. 39.


A day in the desert *(or any heat-extreme environment) can get* really hot, sometimes limiting maintenance that can be done. Aircraft parts, tools and the airframe exposed to the sun can get hot enough to fry you.

So when you’re doing split maintenance operations around the clock, use as much protective clothing as possible. If you don’t, you could suffer burns to your skin when
grabbing a tool or touching a hot airframe or aircraft part.

And make sure you take plenty of breaks in extreme heat and drink plenty of water.
Note: The content between the asterisks (*) is revised from the original article.
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