NEWS | June 21, 2021

UH-60: Get Covers for Your Aircraft

UH-60 with cover
Courtesy photo

Aircraft covers do a great job protecting the airframe and its internal components from environmental damage.

Covering your utility helicopter protects against corrosion, water damage, UV damage, FOD, dirt, sand, snow, and debris from rotor wash, and reduces heat-soaking and windshield delamination.

When using the covers, make sure you take care of them because they’re not cheap. Cleaning them during scheduled aircraft washing and following the cleaning and storage requirements of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) should keep them in good shape.

Here is a short list of covers you can use when your aircraft isn’t in operation.
UH-60/UH-60M/HH-60M Covers
CMWS chaff dispenser 5999-01-628-3405 122034A
Left side CMWS flare dispenser 5999-01-628-3473 122034B
Right side CMWS flare dispenser 5999-01-628-3464 122034C
Stabilator (UH-60M) 1560-01-673-6020 122035
Full cockpit/nose (UH-60M) 1560-01-673-6015 122037
Full cockpit/nose with FLIR (HH-60M) 1560-01-673-6019 122047
Cockpit/chin bubble 1730-01-683-3431 122038
T-700 engine on maintenance stand 1730-01-659-9991 122131