NEWS | March 27, 2020

Patriot Missile System: Don’t Skimp on Filters

Florida National Guard unit assumes command of rotational air defense artillery brigade
Photo by Charles Rosemond

Dear Editor,

I know PS has recommended in the past that Patriot crews keep an extra set of filters on hand to make it easier for Patriot components to get plenty of cooling air. A dirty filter makes components overheat and can damage expensive circuit cards.

Well, instead of an extra set, I recommend four sets of filters, especially if you’re operating in the desert. In conditions with blowing sand, you may need to change the filters twice a day.

Operating in the desert consider four sets
Operating in the desert? Consider four sets

If you have four sets, you have one set installed, one on hand, one drying out after being washed (that usually takes a day) and one back-up. Filters are relatively cheap compared to circuit cards, so why be stingy with filters?

Remember, filters normally last only 90 days before you have to replace them.

CW3 Trenard Conyers
Ft Bragg, NC 

Editor’s note: Good point, Chief Conyers. Sometimes you need to spend a little to save a lot.