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COMSEC: Securing the KGV-72
By | Oct. 17, 2022
Half-Mast tells a reader what to do if the KGV-72 lock is missing or the locking block is broken. Read on to learn the solutions…...

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AN/PYQ-10(C)/AN/PYQ-10A(C): SKL Updated TM for UAS v14.1
By | June 1, 2022
Do you need to use the simple key loader (SKL)? There’s an updated TM that guides you through the process. Read on to learn more...

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COMSEC: Include Power Supply, CIK with KG-175D
By | Sept. 1, 2021
Here’s an important message for units. There’s a shortage of KG-175D power supplies and cryptographic ignition keys (CIKs). Read on to find out more...

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AN/PYQ-10A(c) SKL: Better Battery Drops in FY22
By | Aug. 27, 2021
A new heavy duty (HD) battery, NSN 6130-01-691-0809, for the AN/PYQ-10A(c) Simple Key Loader (SKL), is scheduled to replace the current HD battery, NSN 6130-01-525-2788, for all newly produced SKLs by November 30, 2021...

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Training: LandWarNet Offers Many Options
By | Aug. 10, 2021
Have you heard of LandWarNet (LWN) eUniversity? It’s the Army’s one-stop training resource for all things cyber, signal, mission command and information technology...

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KG-175G: Just the Rack, Jack
By | Oct. 28, 2020
If your unit is scheduled to receive the TACLANE® KG-175G encryptor, note that Product Leader Communications Security (PdL COMSEC) is not including the 1G-TACLANE® mounting rack...

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AN/PYQ-10(C) SKL: UAS Version 13.0 Approved
By | Oct. 22, 2020
Product Leader Communications Security (PdL COMSEC) has approved and authorized the Simple Key Loader (SKL) User Application Software (UAS) Version 13.0 for use on the AN/PYQ-10(C) SKL...

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AN/PYQ-10(C): SKL Software and Support
By | Aug. 13, 2020
Looking for Simple Key Loader (SKL) software and support? The SKL Program Management Office (PMO) hosts its software at LandWarNet (LWN) eUniversity, which is also where the SKL computer-based training is located. All...

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By | Feb. 27, 2020
AR 25-12, Communications Security Equipment Maintenance and Maintenance Training, was updated in December 2019. The update includes types of equipment covered by the AR, and guidance on new equipment training...

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KGV-72 PIED: Losing Key Can Ruin Day
By | Feb. 11, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 771, p. 46. The KGV-72 programmable in-line encryption device (PIED), NSN 5810-01-564-3364 (LIN E05008), is designed to encrypt Blue Force Tracker (BFT) message traffic. But when it’s...

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KG-175X: Properly Accounting for KG-175X
By | Jan. 10, 2020
Dear Editor,I wanted to share some information I learned about a controlled cryptographic item.Our unit tried to order LIN Z05505, KG-175X with Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), through the Information Systems Security...

U.S. Army Spc. Josh L. Kingery from Company A., 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division demonstrates his ability to operate an AN/PYQ-10 Simple Key Loader during a communications equipment training course at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria March 04, 2019. This was day one of a week-long communications equipment training course that ensures unit readiness for their upcoming joint training exercise in support of Atlantic Resolve. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Yon Trimble)
AN/PYQ-10 SKL: Software Updated
By | Nov. 21, 2019
The AN/PYQ-10 simple key loader (SKL), NSNs 5810-01-517-3587 and 5810-01-644-4375, LIN C05002, has newly approved user application software (UAS). AN/PYQ-10 simple key loader (SKL)The new approved Army baseline and Army...