NEWS | Oct. 28, 2020

KG-175G: Just the Rack, Jack

Photo courtesy of manufacturer

If your unit is scheduled to receive the TACLANE® KG-175G encryptor, note that Product Leader Communications Security (PdL COMSEC) is not including the 1G-TACLANE® mounting rack. You’ll need to order it separately.

The rack, NSN 5975-01-628-6673, is a DLA-managed item with source of supply code SMS. The current rack price is $487.73.

Note that the rack is 19 inches wide and will hold two 1G-TACLANEs® (two KG-175Gs side-by-side with power supplies). The rack will also support a 1-G TACLANE® and a TACLANE® MICRO with power supplies.         

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