NEWS | Aug. 13, 2020

AN/PYQ-10(C): SKL Software and Support

Simple Key Loader
Photo by Sgt. Terence Ewings
Looking for Simple Key Loader (SKL) software and support? The SKL Program Management Office (PMO) hosts its software at LandWarNet (LWN) eUniversity, which is also where the SKL computer-based training is located.
All approved versions of SKL User Application Software (UAS) and supporting documentation, including the newest release v12.0, can be found on LWN at:
Go to the website, navigate to the ‘COMSEC’ section and then click the Key Management - ACES, SKL, TKL, RASKL link. Once in the Key Management area, click the link for SKL Training, Software Downloads, and Supporting Documentation. From there, you can navigate to your specific need (training, software, documentation).

You’ll find the software upgrade utility along with User Notes, Quick Reference Guides, and ‘Read Me’ files for each software version. The site also hosts various SKL informational documents that are posted in the ‘Documents’ area.

To see announcements and SKL discussions, visit or join the milBook Communications Security (COMSEC) community at:
Need assistance? Contact the Mission Command Support Center Help Desk at DSN (312) 648-2119, (443) 395-2119, or email: