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NEWS | June 1, 2022

AN/PYQ-10(C)/AN/PYQ-10A(C): SKL Updated TM for UAS v14.1

Marine using simple key loader

Photo by Cpl. Alize Sotelo

Do you need to use the simple key loader (SKL)? There’s an updated TM that guides you through the process: Army TM 11-5810-429-13&P and Marine Corps TM 11866A-13&P/2 (Feb 22). It’s the operator and field maintenance TM, including the RPSTL, for AN/PYQ-10(C), NSN 5810-01-517-3587 and AN/PYQ-10A(C), NSN 5810-01-644-4375. This TM has been revised specifically for use with the newest SKL user application software (UAS) v14.1.

To use TM 11-5810-429-13&P, you’ll need to download and install SKL UAS v14.1 on your SKL. The SKL Program Management Office hosts its software at LandWarNet (LWN) eUniversity, which is also where the SKL computer-based training is located. All Army-approved versions of the SKL software and supporting documentation can be found on the LWN website (you'll need your CAC to access) at:
To download the SKL software, go to the LWN website, choose the Training tab, and click the COMSEC training topic. After that, go to the COMSEC Device Categories list and click the Key Management - ACES, SKL, TKL, RASKL link. In the Key Management area under the Key Management Device Training list, click the link for SKL Training, Software Downloads, and Supporting Documentation. In the Training Manuals and Documents section, click the SKL Software Downloads, Documents, and Resources link. Here you’ll find the SKL software upgrade utility along with User Notes, Quick Reference Guides, and Read Me files for each SKL UAS version available. From here, you can also navigate to the SKL UAS v14.1 folder where you can download the SKL UAS 14.1 file and find various informational documents.

You might notice the SKL UAS v13.0 files are located on this site too. That’s because this is the baseline software version, which can also be used on the SKL. If your unit chooses to retain UAS v13.0 on your SKL instead, then you must use TM 11-5810-410-13&P (May 21). This TM was revised specifically for use with SKL UAS v13.0.
Stay up to date with the latest SKL software and TM updates available to the Communications Security (COMSEC) community. To see announcements and SKL discussions, visit or join the milBook COMSEC community HERE.
Do you need SKL assistance? Contact the Mission Command Support Center Help Desk at DSN (312) 648-2119, commercial (443) 395-2119, or email
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