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NEWS | Feb. 11, 2020

KGV-72 PIED: Losing Key Can Ruin Day

Avoid being liable for $2566 by following this guidance...

The KGV-72 programmable in-line encryption device (PIED), NSN 5810-01-564-3364 (LIN E05008), is designed to encrypt Blue Force Tracker (BFT) message traffic. But when it’s time to turn it in, here’s a message that really needs to get through and sink in: Don’t damage the locking block!

Too many units are losing or misplacing the padlock key. So when it’s time to turn in the PIED, they use tools to remove the lock. Unfortunately, that almost always breaks the locking block.
Don't lose the key to your PIED; a cracked or broken locking block will cost you! 
Don't lose the key to your PIED; a cracked or broken locking block will cost you! 
A broken block can’t be repaired. You can be held financially liable for replacing the $2,566 PIED per AR 735-5, Policy Property Accountability (Nov 16). A DD Form 200, Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL), along with a property book officer document number, must be submitted at the time of the request to the item manager before an operational PIED can be issued.

So don’t lose the key to your lock. If you do, contact the KGV-72 item manager for instructions on what to do next.   
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