MSG Half-Mast
Batteries: Solar Maintainers Required for Long-Term Equipment Storage
By | Oct. 23, 2023
AR 750-1 and DA PAM 750-1 were updated to clarify that approved solar maintainers are required for equipment in LUP, NCOMP and outdoor storage. Read on to learn more...

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Ground Vehicles: 6TAGM MILSPEC Batteries Can be Mixed
By | July 19, 2023
PulseTech® Products Corporation recently released the U.S. Army Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) (May 23). The BMMP describes the three batteries that you could receive with NSN 6140-01-485-1472, and they’re...

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Ground Vehicles: Don’t Get Mixed Up with Batteries
By | July 18, 2023
While it’s recommended to use the same NSN batteries in vehicles requiring multiple batteries, it’s not recommended to mix old and new batteries. Keep reading to find out why...

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Soldier Support: New Limitations on Shipping Lithium Batteries
By | May 16, 2023
Time to make a PCS? Plan ahead and note the new limitations on shipping lithium batteries. Find out more here…...

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Lead-Acid Batteries: WP Update for TM 9-6140-200-13
By | March 28, 2023
AR 750-1 was recently updated which caused a need for an update in work package (WP) 0020 of TM 9-6140-200-13, Operator and Field Maintenance for Automotive Lead-Acid Storage Batteries (May 11). Get the correct info here...

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Ground Vehicles: Remove Battery Corrosion
By | March 9, 2023
When cleaning and removing corrosion from your vehicle’s lead-acid batteries, follow the guidance in WP 0027 of TM 9-6140-200-13 (May 11) and your vehicle’s operator and field maintenance TMs. Get more info...

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Corrosion: TACOM Introduces Basic Corrosion Course for Operators
By | Feb. 9, 2023
There’s a new corrosion course available for all Army personnel, including civilians and contractors who operate and maintain Army ground equipment. Read on...

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Batteries: The ABCs of Battery Care
By | Jan. 30, 2023
This article initially appeared in PS 768 (Nov 16), pp. 36-37. There are several rules worth remembering when it comes to battery care that'll ensure they work when needed, as well as not cause damage to equipment. Read on to...

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AN/PRQ-7 CSEL: Order Non-rechargeable Batteries
By | Jan. 24, 2023
Until stock of the rechargeable CSEL batteries increases, substitute non-chargeable batteries. Read on to learn more…...

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Lithium Batteries: Don’t Get Burned By Wrong Type
By | Jan. 20, 2023
​This article initially appeared in PS 797 (Apr 19), pp.53-54. Pay close attention to the battery type used in sights and night vision equipment. Using the wrong kind can lead to disaster...

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Commo/Electronics & Soldier Support Year-in-Review: New and Updated NSNs Captured in 2022
By | Jan. 13, 2023
Updated or new NSNs are a challenge to keep up with. Here’s a list that PS captured in 2022 for commo/electronics and Soldier support. Get them here...

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Ground Vehicles: Lead-Acid Battery Storage
By | Sept. 1, 2022
Flooded cell and absorbed glass material (AGM) batteries can be stored and charged in the same container as long as you follow the guidelines in TM 9-6140-200-13 (May 11). We’ve got the details here…...

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M2/M3 Bradley: Basic Maintenance Keeps Your Mission on Track
By | Aug. 23, 2022
Taking care of your vehicle’s batteries and regularly checking oil levels will maintain readiness and save time and money. Keep reading to find out what to do...

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Radio Test Sets: Lithium Batteries Not Always Best
By | Aug. 19, 2022
This article initially appeared in PS 799, p. 51 (Jun 19). Check out Half-Mast’s words of wisdom about using lithium batteries in the AN/PRM-36 radio test set. Read more here…...

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Tactical Vehicles: Shocking Truth behind Defective Batteries
By | Aug. 3, 2022
Warfighters, new batteries are often returned to the Army supply system as unserviceable after only a few days or weeks. Did you know that very few of these new batteries prove to be defective at all? As shocking as that...

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Tactical Vehicles: Five Steps to Install Batteries Right
By | July 26, 2022
Corrosion kills tactical vehicle batteries. The good news is that five (5) simple steps during battery installation can beat corrosion and extend battery life. Get the steps here...

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Radio Systems: Wrong HUB Wreaks Havoc
By | July 21, 2022
Soldiers, due to battery construction differences, finding the correct HUB for the AN/PRC-117G is not as straightforward as it seems. Read about one unit's experience and ways to meet the challenge...

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I Sustain This Recognition Program: Nominate a Deserving Civilian Sustainer
By | March 2, 2022
Maintaining equipment to meet combat readiness requirements and stay in the fight, even under the most arduous of circumstances, often relies on the support of civilian sustainers and maintainers. Here's how you can recognize...

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Batteries: New ABC Now Available
By | Feb. 24, 2022
You can now order the latest generation battery charger. That’s the ABC or The Advanced Battery Charger, a lightweight, rugged, portable battery-charging solution that provides state-of-the-art performance. Read on to learn...

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Commo Batteries: Tips for Ensuring Peak Performance
By | Dec. 13, 2021
Without batteries to power them, many of your radios and electronics are just lifeless heaps of metal, plastic and wire. That’s why it pays to be battery-smart. Here are a few points to ponder...

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Tactical Vehicles: Got Battery Questions?
By | June 10, 2021
If you’ve got battery questions about any of your wheeled vehicles, no worries! The Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) has the answers. Contact the GVSC battery hotline at DSN 786-8000 or (586) 282-8000. Read on for more...

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Don’t Spin Our Wheels!
By | Feb. 23, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 759 (May 16), p. 1. PS Magazine gets lots of maintenance and supply questions each month. Sometimes we can send out an immediate answer. Other times, those answers take a couple days to a...

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M-ATV/MRAP: Better Check Your Optima® Batteries
By | Sept. 30, 2020
Does your unit’s MRAPs include M-ATVs? Heads up! You’re no longer able to order the Optima® REDTOP® battery, NSN 6140-01-534-6466, according to TACOM LCMC Maintenance Information Message (MIM) 20-040...

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AN/PRM 34: Baffling Battery Hunt
By | Feb. 28, 2020
Dear Half-Mast, I’m looking for an alternate non-rechargeable battery or a non-terminal battery NSN for the radio test set, AN/PRM-34, NSN 6625-01-094-5646. The TM says I need one (1) lithium battery, BA-5847/U. FEDLOG tells...

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AN/PRM-36 Test Set: Substitute Batteries
By | Dec. 9, 2019
We’ll make this brief. If you can’t find or can’t get NSN 6140-01-537-5244 batteries for the AN/PRM-36 test set, order substitute batteries with NSN 6140-01-595-2506 or NSN 6140-01-413-3926...