NEWS | Sept. 30, 2020

M-ATV/MRAP: Better Check Your Optima® Batteries

Photo by Sgt. Branden Bourque
Does your unit’s MRAPs include M-ATVs? Heads up! You’re no longer able to order the Optima® REDTOP® battery, NSN 6140-01-534-6466, according to TACOM LCMC Maintenance Information Message (MIM) 20-040.
The good news is, they’ve been replaced with the Optima® YELLOWTOP® battery, NSN-6140-01-441-4272.

Check out the table below for a list of M-ATVs this applies to:
Model NSN 2355- LIN
M1240A1 01-596-1330 M05030
M1277 01-623-0967 M05029
M1274 01-621-5506 M05027
M1276 01-620-7041 M05028
M1245A1 01-641-2096 M05051
Be careful because the REDTOP® and YELLOWTOP® batteries have different power ratings and cannot be intermixed in the same battery box. Intermixing in same battery box may cause battery failure. But it’s okay to have two REDTOP® batteries in one box and two YELLOWTOP® batteries in the other.

This info isn’t in TM 9‐2355‐335‐10 (Apr 20) and IETM 9‐2355‐335‐13&P (Apr 20) yet, so make a note until they’re updated.

View the complete MIM 20-040 at:

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