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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 30, 2023

Batteries: The ABCs of Battery Care

BLUF: Help prevent battery failure by practicing several suggested rules.

Soldier testing batteries
Photo by 10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade Public Affairs Office
This article initially appeared in PS 768 (Nov 16), pp. 36-37.
Batteries don’t last forever. Even if they’ve been sitting on a shelf unused, they may not work if their expiration date has come and gone. To say the least, battery failure could hurt you and your mission.

These rules will help units prevent battery failure. Every unit should keep a copy of these rules:
  • Before using any batteries, check their expiration dates. If they’ve expired, don’t use them. No use taking a chance. Use fresh batteries.
  • When storing batteries, make it easy to check their expiration dates. Mark the date in large numbers on the packaging.
  • Keep batteries from the same lot together and use up batteries from one lot before starting on another lot. That way you don’t mix batteries with different expiration dates.
  • Of course, always check batteries for damage, swelling, leakage, cracks and corrosion. If you have any doubts, don’t use them.
  • When you need to dispose of batteries, follow the procedures in TB 43-0134, Battery Disposition and Disposal (May 18). It’s on the ETM site HERE.
  • Get a copy of SB 11-6 (Mar 17). It covers storage, safety, transportation and disposition of batteries. It’s also on the ETM site.*
There's one other good battery rule: Never leave batteries stored in equipment. The batteries leak, damaging and even ruining equipment! This costs your unit big bucks that could have been avoided with a few minutes of work.
Questions? Email:
*Updated URL for ETM, pub dates and email for assistance as of 1/23.
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