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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 13, 2023

Aviation Year-in-Review: New and Updated NSNs Captured in 2022

BLUF: Here’s a list of new or updated NSNs that PS captured in 2022 for aviation, as well as NSN turn-ins that are needed for repair.  

Chinook dropping off Soldiers
Photo by Sgt. Claudia Nix
Here are new and updated NSNs that PS captured in 2022. While this is a complete list of what we reported over the past calendar year, it’s probably not a complete list of all new, corrected, updated or rescinded NSNs. Why’s that?

That’s because PS must be aware of new or updated NSNs. Sometimes we get notified by a command like AMCOM, TACOM, CECOM, DEVCOM, etc. Sometimes we’re informed of an NSN change by an equipment specialist or LAR and asked to publish the change.

More often, it’s our readers that notice an incorrect NSN in a TM or try to order a part and discover that the NSN they’re using is no longer valid and they reach out to PS. After some investigation on our part, we find the correct NSN and inform the reader. Normally, an article is published to inform the field of the new or updated NSN. This means we need your continual support.

Remember, if a piece of equipment does not have an NSN and yet you need to order it, fill out a DD Form 1348-6 to order by part number. This creates demand in the supply system and ultimately an NSN will get assigned to the part because of demand. You can check out these articles addressing DD Form 1348-6 HERE and HERE.                

New or updated NSNs captured for aviation in 2022
(clicking on NSNs or items in blue hyperlinks to related article)

 Shadow Cover NSNs
Item NSN
Shadow covers Numerous; see article

All Aircraft Turn-In Component NSNs
Item NSN
ARC-231 receiver transmitters 5821-01-500-4770
KAB mounts 5975-01-555-9367

BAM window latch
Rim latch set (L/H)
1049584-10 1560-01-701-9385
BAM window latch
Rim latch set (R/H)
1049584-30 1560-01-702-6466
Oxygen flow meter adapter 33-2600 6515-01-298-8018
Lift bag kit (cargo set, heavy lift) KT-694 3990-01-694-4332
MEDEVAC mission sensor (MMS) adapter plate   5340-01-614-9602

Chinook NSNs
Item NSN
O-rings and packings (engine fuel manifold) 5331-01-703-3320
Cockpit sunshade kit 1680-01-661-1895
Cabin sunshades 1680-01-661-1937

Chinook Rotor Blade Stand NSNs
Angle aluminum, 2x2-in   9540-00231-9911
Lumber, 2x4-in   5510-00-267-2283
Machine bolt (27 ea.) AN5-7A 5306-01-450-4885
Flat washer (54 ea. NAS1149F0563P 5310-00-167-0820
Self-locking nut (27 ea.) MS21044N5 5310-00-088-0553
Felt strip   8305-00-812-2360

Engine oil filter XP4903180 2940-01-682-2228
Fuel/water separator 171081-55910 4730-01-682-2492
Hydraulic filter 740582032 2940-01-682-8317
Left polymer door (ALUMMC) AM147742 2510-01-659-4135
Right polymer door (ALUMMC) AM147743 2510-01-659-4132
Polymer door kit (ALUMMC) BM26111 2510-01-659-4150
GANG tire and wheel assembly 581952-001 2530-01-506-2183
3T tripod jack L10532 1730-01-537-4357
5T tripod jack L10559 1730-00-516-2018
5T axle jack L09135 1730-00-540-2343
10T axle jack L09340 1740-00-203-4697
10T tripod jack   1730-01-563-7046
12T tripod jack L10589 1730-00-912-3998
Jack Rebuild Kits
Columbus Regent 12-ton jack   2590-01-642-3505
Malabar 12-ton jack   1730-01-500-4443
10-ton axle jack   1730-00-673-4717
5-ton axle jack   1730-00-673-4716

AGSE Maintenance Platform NSNs
Item NSN
B-1 stand 1730-00-390-5618
B-4A Adjustable stand 1730-00-294-8883
Low Level stand 1730-00-269-8283
Low Level Maintenance Stand Part NSNs
Item NSN
Rigid caster 5340-01-340-9799
Quick-release pin 5315-00-935-8804
Latch assembly-clamping catch 5340-00-787-3209
Catch and strike 5340-01-295-4896
Clamping catch 5340-00-821-0304
Clamping latch catch spring loaded 5340-00-860-3862

Component Turn-In NSNs for H-60
Item NSN
Vaneaxial fan 4140-01-424-9956
Vaneaxial fan 4140-01-329-3428
300-watt 7-ohm resistor 5905-01-698-8444
Radio receiver, LF/ADF, ARN-149(V) R-2382/ARN-149(V)1 5826-01-600-6180
Impedance amplifier, AM4859A/ARN-89 5826-00-001-4074
Radio receiver, R-2593/ARN-147(V) 5826-01-444-0314
Flight control panel, (C-10909E/A) 1680-01-544-7218
Drive shaft assembly 1615-01-491-1924
APN-209 radar altimeter 5841-01-547-5286

Apache NSNs
Item NSN
Electronically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) 1220-01-605-5217
Fluke® 27-II multimeter 6625-01-581-4058
Apache covers Numerous: see article

Component Turn-In NSNs for Apache
EDECU   2995-01-680-3143
STAMP 1080750 4920-01-698-5843
Radio frequency amplifier 60083097-000 5996-01-616-4318
Receiver-transmitter rover 60082784-002 5820-01-616-4318
Computer digital DA 3000649000 5895-01-677-5223
Carrier drive assemblies 7-317236502-5 1005-01-221-7602
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