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NEWS | July 27, 2022

Apache: Using Covers Protects Aircraft

Apache in Hangar
Photo by Charles Rosemond

Mechanics, using aircraft covers on your Apache helps lower maintenance costs and protects your aircraft from severe weather.
Get the current version of TM 1-1520-Longbow/Apache IETM EM 0126 to order approved covers. You’ll find them under the title, Peculiar Ground Support Equipment (PGSE), Flyway Equipment Kit, and the Flyaway Equipment Kit RPSTL.
You can also find aircraft covers in your general aircraft maintenance manuals under the Protective Cover Installation or Protective Cover Removal Tasks. For a quick reference, here’s a basic list of primary and alternate cover NSNs.  
Item Primary NSN Alternate NSN Qty
Blade handling pole 1730-01-183-6672 1730-01-646-8574 1
M/R blade tie-down assembly
(E model CMRB)
1730-01-614-3978 1730-01-614-4590 4
M/R blade tie-down assembly
(D model metal)
1730-01-564-8518 1730-01-564-8510 4
Flyaway kit stowage pouch 1560-01-187-8510 NA 1
Environmental cover 1680-01-247-2431 NA 1
Pitot head protective cover 6610-01-189-3001 5340-01-465-6470 2
Engine exhaust duct cover 1730-01-183-4501 NA 6
Nose G/B inlet cover 1730-01-183-4502 NA 2
ENCU inlet protective cover 1560-01-211-6930 NA 1
Engine nacelle upper protective cover 1730-01-183-4508 NA 2
APU exhaust cover 1560-01-211-6941 1560-01-616-4227 1
Engine inlet cover 1730-01-193-4761 NA 2
IFF antenna PGSE AVUM cover
(cover aircraft ground)
1730-01-396-7780 1730-01-572-2866 1
ECS inlet cover assembly 1560-01-616-6253 NA 2
ECS exhaust cover assembly 1730-01-465-7808 NA 2
Area weapon turret protective cover
(environment gun cover)
5340-01-464-4491 5340-01-289-4695 1
Ground HADS aircraft cover 1730-01-066-9634 1560-01-659-2716 2
Fire control radar cover
(MMA cover)
1270-01-529-8399 1730-01-508-3684
TAD/PNVS cover 1730-01-508-3686 1730-01-508-3685
Canopy cover 1730-01-508-3695 1730-01-508-3692
Main rotor head cover
(M/R head/aperture)
1730-01-508-3688 1730-01-508-3693
FAB windbreaker (right) 1730-01-508-3687 1730-01-508-3699
FAB windbreaker (left) 1730-01-544-3510 1730-01-508-3696
Canopy cover replacement container 1730-01-613-9946 1730-01-544-3937
Ice sensor assembly cover 1730-01-337-7580 NA 1
Extended MTADS cover 5340-01-572-8637 NA 1
Protective NGB cooling inlet shield 3640-01-604-1630 NA 1
Cover assembly, MPD 1730-01-617-1559 NA 2
Remember, over time, covers get worn out and sometimes get lost. Be sure to replace them as needed to protect your aircraft.
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