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NEWS | Dec. 21, 2021

AH-64: Reprogramming the Mast Mounted Assembly

Courtesy Photo
Mechanics, the Apache helicopter has many complicated computerized parts.

In the Jul 21 Apache newsletter, issue 96, it states that the mast mounted assembly (MMA) electronically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM), NSN 1220-01-605-5217, requires reprogramming after specific fire control radar (FCR) maintenance tasks are accomplished.

If this reprogramming doesn’t occur, it could negatively impact the accuracy of the fire control radar, but never provide an indication of failure.

Get the details on when and how to obtain a reprogrammed replacement EEPROM from the vendor by clicking on the image below.
Image from Apache Newsletter
Click on image above to open and download PDF of article
Pay special attention to the specific information you’ll need to provide the vendor to get a replacement EEPROM. The article also details where to send this data, as well as requests for information.
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