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MATV: Check the Shock Bushings
By | Aug. 14, 2023
TACOM has noticed that shock bushings, also known as resilient mounts, aren’t being serviced during PMCS on MATVs. Here’s what operators and mechanics need to know...

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MRAP: Troubleshooting 10-Amp Fuse Could Solve Problems
By | March 29, 2023
In the current troubleshooting steps in the MRAP TMs, a step is missing to check a 10-AMP fuse. If you don’t check the fuse on the C51 connector, it can lead to costly and time-consuming troubleshooting efforts. Read all...

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M-ATV MRAP: Think Twice Before Scrapping Shocks
By | March 6, 2023
Damaged or leaky shock absorbers on your M-ATV MRAP make the vehicle NMC. However, not all condensation is a leak, so carefully evaluate the situation before replacing any shock absorber. Keep reading for all the details...

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M-ATV FOV: New Inspections Prevent Damaged NATO Cables
By | Oct. 25, 2022
According to TACOM MA message 23-001, you need to inspect your M-ATV’s hood attachments and NATO cables. There’s an inspection document with details for inspecting hood brackets, hard stops and quick edge you must use until...

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MRAP, M-ATV: Add Reflective Tape for Safety’s Sake
By | Sept. 20, 2022
MRAP and M-ATV door handles and escape latches are hard to see, so illuminate them by adding strips of reflective tape. Here’s how to get the tape and where to apply it…...

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MRAP, M-ATV: Service Kit NSNs
By | Aug. 16, 2022
Service kits for MRAPs and M-ATVs are essential for keeping these vehicles mission-ready. Read on to get the NSNs...

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Ground Vehicles: Drive Like Your Life Depends on It!
By | June 10, 2022
Warfighters, MSG Half-Mast requests you huddle up with your fellow Soldiers and remind them that driving tactical vehicles is serious business. Just how serious is it? Find out here...

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MRAP: Rev-up MaxxPros with Particle Separator Cleaning
By | April 22, 2022
Operators, a few years ago in TACOM Maintenance Action Message (MAM) 19-012, TACOM evaluated the particle separator used on all three (3) models of the MaxxPro and decided that annual replacement was no longer necessary...

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Corrosion: Bust Rust with TACOM CCI Checklists
By | March 31, 2022
Maintenance leaders, did you know the TACOM Corrosion website has corrosion control inspection (CCI) checklists? It sure does. Here's what you need to know...

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Tactical Vehicles: Don’t Make Winter Driving a Chilling Experience
By | Feb. 28, 2022
Operators, winter driving presents unique challenges. The bottom line is that you need to be prepared for these challenges. Here's what you need to know...

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MRAP: Learn Your Rollover Lesson
By | Jan. 21, 2022
This article initially appeared in PS 771 (Feb 17), p. 11. Operators, it’s always better to avoid a rollover than to experience one. Remember these lessons learned before you start the day’s mission. Get the lessons here...

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MRAP M-ATV: PM for Hard Steering
By | Oct. 28, 2020
Operators, it’s hard to turn the M-ATV’s steering wheel, especially when the vehicle has been sitting for a while. That’s because wet sand and mud corrode the steering wheel shaft where it mounts into the cab’s floor. Here’s...

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MRAP, M-ATV: NSN for Air Dryer
By | Oct. 28, 2020
Dear Half-Mast, we’re having some problems ordering an air dryer for our M-ATVs. We could sure use a good NSN for this part. Can you please help? Don’t worry! I got you covered. Read on to get the information you need...

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M-ATV/MRAP: Better Check Your Optima® Batteries
By | Sept. 30, 2020
Does your unit’s MRAPs include M-ATVs? Heads up! You’re no longer able to order the Optima® REDTOP® battery, NSN 6140-01-534-6466, according to TACOM LCMC Maintenance Information Message (MIM) 20-040...