NEWS | Oct. 28, 2020

MRAP M-ATV: NSN for Air Dryer

385th Military Police

Dear Half-Mast,                     

We’re having some problems ordering an air dryer for our M-ATVs. We could sure use a good NSN for this part. Can you please help?
Dear B.T.,

Don’t worry! I got you covered. You can get a replacement air dryer for your M-ATV with NSN 2530-01-630-5913.

You’ll be happy to know that the most recent NSNs and the down parts for the air dryer that weren’t available before are available now. They’re in recently published TM 9-2355-335-13&P (Apr 20), which can be found on the AMC Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC) website, using the ETM/IETM app. You’ll need your CAC to login.

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