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NEWS | Jan. 21, 2022

MRAP: Learn Your Rollover Lesson

MRAP awaits rescue
Photo by Spc. Gavriel Bar-Tzur
This article initially appeared in PS 771 (Feb 17), p. 11.


It’s always better to avoid a rollover than to experience one. Remember these lessons learned before you start the day’s mission.
  • Perform rollover drill rehearsals with the gunner and crew prior to all missions.
  • Keep all equipment properly stowed.
  • Maintain an appropriate speed for road conditions.
  • Make sure crewmembers wear seat belts or their gunner’s restraint systems (GRS).
  • Use a ground guide whenever tactical procedures permit.
  • Unlock combat door locks in non-conflict situations. That allows rescuers to enter the vehicle quickly, if needed.
  • When planning mission routes, remember that MRAP vehicles have larger profiles than Up-Armored HMMWVs. And they weight more too!     
Also consider the mission’s criticality and keep weather and terrain in mind.

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