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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Aug. 16, 2022

MRAP, M-ATV: Service Kit NSNs

BLUF: Service kits for MRAPs and M-ATVs are essential for annual and biennial services, as well as PMCS. Get the NSNs here.

Warfighters, semiannual (biannual) services aren’t required for any of the MRAP MaxxPro variants. However, PMCS, annual (yearly) and biennial (every other year) services are still required.
MRAP Service Kits
                    MRAP model                    NSN 4330-
M1235A4 MaxxPro Dash 01-674-1705 (annual)
01-674-1710 (biennial)
M1235A5 MaxxPro Dash 01-674-1705 (annual)
01-674-1710 (biennial)
M1266A1 MaxxPro LWB 01-674-1712 (annual)
01-674-1716 (biennial)
M-ATVs only require PMCS and annual (yearly) service. No matter the model (see below), you can get the kit using NSN 4910-01-668-7925.       
M-ATV Models
                 Nomenclature                         Descriptor
M1240A1 with OGPK*
M1245A1 SOCOM*
M1274 CROWS with WIN-T/SNE*
M1276 CROWS with WIN-T/PoP*
M1277 CROWS*
  *OGPK – Objective Gunner Protection Kit
  *SOCOM – Special Operations Command
  *CROWS – Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station
  *WIN-T/SNE – Warfighter Information Network-Tactical - Soldier Network
  *WIN-T/PoP – Warfighter Information Network-Tactical - Point of Presence
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