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PLS: M6 Dump Body Sideboard Tip
By | Feb. 6, 2024
There’s no NSN for the wood sideboards on the PLS M6 dump body. Source the wood locally when they need replacing. Read on for more info…...

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M1075 PLS: M4 Bituminous Distributor Fuel Filter Assembly NSN
By | Nov. 22, 2023
The fuel filter assembly, including the fuel housing, gasket and filter, for the M1075 PLS’ M4 bituminous distributor comes with NSN 4330-00-219-4709. Read on for more info…...

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PLS: M6 Dump Body Tarp
By | May 24, 2023
This article initially appeared in PS 766 (Sep 16), p.60. NSN 2540-01-449-5775, which is shown as Item 19 in Fig 1 of TM 9-3930-259-13&P (Jun 07), is for the M917 dump truck. It’s too wide and short for the M6 dump body...

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M870A3 Semitrailer: Retrofit Kit for M983A2/A4 HEMTTs
By | Jan. 17, 2023
This article initially appeared in PS 720 (Nov 12), p. 61. If no power is supplied to M870A3 semitrailer ABS ECU or service lights when hooked to an M983A2 or M983A4 LET tractor truck you may need to install an electrical...

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Tactical Vehicles Year-in-Review: New and Updated NSNs Captured in 2022
By | Jan. 12, 2023
Updated or new NSNs are a challenge to keep up with. Here’s a list that PS captured in 2022 for tactical vehicles and equipment. Get them here…...

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HEMTT A4-PLS A1-HET A1: Engine Cranks but Won't Start
By | Jan. 10, 2023
There’s a possible issue with the C15 and C18 engine on certain vehicles cranking but not starting due to a damaged engine cluster gear. Here’s what you need to know…...

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HEMTT: Parking Brake Problems? Check Exhaust Port
By | Sept. 7, 2022
Parking brake problems with the HEMTT could potentially be caused by a clogged exhaust port at the end of the parking brake valve exhaust hose which will cause the parking brake to fail. Read about it here...

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M1120A2 HEMTT: NSN for Hook Arm Cylinder Assembly
By | Aug. 25, 2022
The hook arm cylinder assembly for M1120A2s was replaced by the M1120A4’s. To get the newer assembly, use NSN 3040-01-642-5340...

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Ground Vehicles: Drive Like Your Life Depends on It!
By | June 10, 2022
Warfighters, MSG Half-Mast requests you huddle up with your fellow Soldiers and remind them that driving tactical vehicles is serious business. Just how serious is it? Find out here...

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Tactical Vehicles: Don’t Make Winter Driving a Chilling Experience
By | Feb. 28, 2022
Operators, winter driving presents unique challenges. The bottom line is that you need to be prepared for these challenges. Here's what you need to know...

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Tactical Vehicles: 2021 Year-in-Review
By | Jan. 21, 2022
Maintenance leaders, NSNs were the most frequent topics covered in 2021 for tactical vehicles and trailers. Corrosion prevention and the roll-out of Non-Combat Operations Maintenance Plan (NCOMP) were also hot topics this...

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M983A4 LET HEMTT: Missing MCRS Winch Control Kit Procedures
By | Dec. 7, 2021
Maintainers, if you have an M983A4 light equipment transport (LET) HEMTT, there’s info missing from TM 9-2320-326-13&P (Sep 20) and TM 9-2320-341-10 (Sep 20). Get the info here...

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M978A2/A4 HEMTT: Bent Bracket Blocks Manual Control
By | Nov. 16, 2021
Dear Editor, please let PS Magazine readers know that a support bracket underneath the M978A2/A4 HEMTT tankers can interfere with the manual control (MC) V1 emergency valve if the bracket gets bent. Read the scoop here...

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PLS: TMs Missing Unarmored Weapon Station Kit
By | Sept. 14, 2021
Operators, the latest versions of the PLS TMs don’t cover the procedures for installation, removal, maintenance or troubleshooting of the unarmored weapon station kit, NSN 2510-01-675-0743, PN 57K6838. Get them here...

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HEMTT: Dressed Cab Assembly or Push Kit?
By | Aug. 24, 2021
Dear Half-Mast, my unit has an M977A4 HEMTT with a damaged cab, and we need a dressed cab assembly. Can you help? Yes. Here's the scoop...

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HEMTT, PLS: The New Plan is NCOMP
By | Aug. 3, 2021
Warfighters, there’s a new plan for HEMTT and PLS vehicles that aren’t used very often. The Optimized Maintenance Non-Combat Operations Maintenance Plan (NCOMP) will help reduce service workload for idle vehicles. Here's what...

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HEMTT A4: Don’t Panic over Hull Cracks
By | June 17, 2021
Maintainers, if you’ve done a visual inspection of your HEMTT A4 truck and discovered hull, cab or foot well cracks, don’t panic! These cracks are cosmetic only and don’t affect the safety or function of the truck. We've got...

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M139 Volcano: Hand Control Unit (HCU) Replaced by New HCU Cable Set
By | June 3, 2021
If you plan to use your unit’s M139 Volcano on HEMTTs, you need to know about a major change to the hand control unit (HCU).The Volcano’s HCU has two (2) NSNs. Both are being replaced by a new HCU cable set, NSN...

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HEMTT, PLS: Put a Stop to Stop Bolt Woes
By | May 13, 2021
Do you have a HEMTT M1120A4 LHS or PLS M1075A1 truck? If you do, then you know the enhanced-container handling unit (E-CHU) rear slider positive stop bolts can sometimes get damaged and even sheared off, leading to...

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HEMTT: Let’s Talk M1120 LHS Weight Lifting
By | Feb. 17, 2021
If you have an M1120, M1120A2 or M1120A4 HEMTT LHS, then you’ll want to pay close attention to payloads. Which of these brutes can lift the most? That’s a trick question because they can all lift the same amount. But there...

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PLS: Got a Maintenance Question?
By | Dec. 23, 2020
Got a maintenance question about the palletized loading system (PLS)? If so, the PLS team at TACOM has the answer. Here's how to contact them...

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Wheeled Vehicles: HTV Computer-Based Training Available
By | June 23, 2020
Soldiers, the Product Manager Heavy Tactical Vehicles (PM HTV) Distance Learning Center provides computer-based sustainment training for many systems, including HEMTT A4, M1120A4 load handling system (LHS), M983A4 light...

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PLS Maintenance Question?
By | Jan. 28, 2020
Have a repair part, TM or general maintenance question about the PLS and PLS trailers?  Get an answer from the PLS equipment specialists at TACOM LCMC.  Just send an email to the email address in this article...

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HEMTT A4: Wiper Blade NSN
By | Dec. 19, 2019
If you have a HEMTT A4 with the bolt-on style wiper blade, NSN 2540-01-262-7708, you’ll need to upgrade when changing blades.The first time you change to clip-on blades, NSN 2540-01-482-2300, you’ll also need to upgrade to...

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HEMTT: Solution for Purging
By | Oct. 22, 2019
Get a 5-gal container of cleaning compound (purging solution) for the M978-series HEMTT fuel tanker with NSN 7930-01-350-7034. For a 55-gal container, use NSN 7930-01-350-7035. You’ll find it listed in ATP 4-43, Petroleum...