NEWS | Sept. 14, 2021

PLS: TMs Missing Unarmored Weapon Station Kit

302 ICTC loading items onto PLS
Photo by Capt. Khoran Lee
Operators, the latest versions of the PLS TMs don’t cover the procedures for installation, removal, maintenance or troubleshooting of the unarmored weapon station kit, NSN 2510-01-675-0743, PN 57K6838.

There’s a complete set of attachments that you’ll need to download and keep. These attachments apply to PLS models M1074A1, M1075A1, and M1075A1 ECHU. To get the attachments, just go to TACOM Maintenance Information (MI) Message MI 21-051. You’ll need your CAC. Visit:
Once you've downloaded the attachments, keep them until TM 9-2320-319-13&P (Feb 19), TM 9-2320-319-10-1 (Feb 19) and TM 9-2320-319-10-2 (Feb 19) are updated.