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NEWS | Jan. 12, 2023

Tactical Vehicles Year-in-Review: New and Updated NSNs Captured in 2022

BLUF: Here’s a list of new or updated NSNs that PS captured in 2022 for tactical vehicles and trailers.

Photo by Cpl. Danny Gonzalez

Here are new and updated NSNs that PS captured in 2022. While this is a complete list of what we reported over the past calendar year, it’s probably not a complete list of all new, updated or rescinded NSNs. Why’s that?

That’s because PS must be aware of new or updated NSNs. Sometimes we get notified by a command like TACOM, CECOM, DEVCOM, etc. Sometimes we’re informed of an NSN change by an equipment specialist or LAR and asked to publish the change.
More often, it’s our readers that notice an incorrect NSN in a TM or try to order a part and discover that the NSN they’re using is no longer valid and they reach out to PS. After some investigation on our part, we find the correct NSN and inform the reader. Normally, an article is published to inform the field of the new or updated NSN. This means we need your continual support.
Remember, if a piece of equipment does not have an NSN and yet you need to order it, fill out a DD Form 1348-6 to order by part number. This creates demand in the supply system and ultimately an NSN will get assigned to the part because of demand.
New or updated NSNs captured for tactical vehicles in 2022
(clicking on NSNs or items in blue hyperlinks to related article)
*Denotes terminal item that can still be ordered but when stocks are depleted there’s a replacement NSN.

Fuel Tanker Trailers
Model Nomenclature NSN
M967A2, M969A3 Landing leg crank handle, retaining pin 5315-01-543-8980
M967A1P1, M969A1P1, M969A2P1 Wheel seal 5330-01-417-5137
M967A1P1, M969A1P1, M969A2P1 Hub cap gasket 5330-01-280-5827
M967A1P1, M969A1P1, M969A2P1 Outer wheel bearing 3110-00-100-0663
M967A1P1, M969A1P1, M969A2P1 Outer race 3110-00-100-0332
M967A1P1, M969A1P1, M969A2P1 Inner wheel bearing 3110-00-100-0683
M967A1P1, M969A1P1, M969A2P1 Inner race 3110-00-100-0337
M969A3 Fuel/water separator, bottom gasket 5330-01-398-8738
M969A3 Shutoff valves 4820-01-504-7434

Model Nomenclature NSN
All Air dryer 2530-01-630-5913
All Engine air inlet heater solenoid kit 5945-01-626-8750
All Programmed junction box 5940-99-216-7389
M1083, M1095 TPU tiedown kit 3990-01-444-0356
M1085 TPU tiedown kit 3990-01-444-0355

Model Nomenclature NSN
M1120A2 Hook arm cylinder assembly 3040-01-642-5340
HEMTT A4 Headlamp 6220-01-616-1079

** Due to security classification guidance from PEO CS/CSS, most HMMWV NSNs are CUI; thus, the need to place them behind the CAC firewall.
Model Nomenclature NSN
All Winter tire assembly ** HERE
All ABS brake fluid
(DOT 5.1 quart-sized packs)
M1151A1 Engine compartment hood *2510-01-432-3338

Model Nomenclature NSN
M172A1 Ramp assembly 3990-00-353-6354

Tractor Trucks
Model Nomenclature NSN
M915A3 Collision warning ECU 7050-01-691-0409
M915A3 Battery equalizer 6150-01-595-3497
M915A5 Cable pivot bracket (RH) 2590-01-699-1184
M915A5 Cable pivot bracket
M915A5 Air tank valve 4820-00-412-3525

Trailers-Cargo, Bolster and Water
Model Nomenclature NSN
M1101, M1102 Shock absorber *2510-01-190-3862
M796, M979, M1061, M106A1,
M1073, M103A2, M149A2
Master cylinder *2530-00-204-4800
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