NEWS | June 17, 2021

HEMTT A4: Don’t Panic over Hull Cracks

Photo courtesy of TACOM
Maintainers, if you've done a visual inspection of your HEMTTA4 truck and discovered hull, cab or foot well cracks, don't panic! These cracks are cosmetic only and don't affect the safety or function of the truck.
Hull cracks
Example of hull crack
If you find the cosmetic cracks unsightly, a cover plate is available in the supply system. The cover plates along with sealant will help prevent water intrusion into the cab.

You can order a HEMTTA4 cover plate kit with NSN 2510-01-692-5253. When it arrives, cover the cracks with the cover plates and attach the plates with the hardware that already exists on the trucks.

You’ll also need desert tan sealant compound, NSN 6850-01-586-4155 (PN SIKAFLEX-227).

Here’s a table with the various HEMTT A4 models:
Truck nomenclature NSN 2320- Model
Palletized wo/winch (LHS) 01-534-1872 M1120A4
Palletized wo/winch (CBT) 01-534-1867 M1977A4
Cargo wo/winch 01-534-1091 M977A4
Tank wo/winch 01-534-1117 M978A4
Tractor (LET) 01-534-2228 M983A4
Tractor w/main recovery winch (LET) 01-534-2229 M983A4
Cargo w/winch (GMT) 01-534-1887 M985A4
Cargo wo/winch (GMT) 01-534-1877 M985A4
Click on the following milSuite link to view procedures for installing the cover plates and have your CAC handy:
For answers to your questions about the cover plate installation kits, contact Jason Smith at: