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MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun: Always Lock the Sear in Place
By | Nov. 29, 2021
Dear Editor, when Soldiers disassemble the MK 19 grenade machine gun, they should make sure after removing the sear plate assembly from the receiver that their priority is putting the sear safety lock on. Read on to discover...

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M320 Grenade Launcher: Watch Your Fingers!
By | Aug. 12, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 760 (Mar 16), p. 42. The M320 grenade launcher has a very short barrel. If your fingers stick out instead of fully wrapping around the grip, they’re much more likely to be injured. Be...

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MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun: Make Sure to Lace the Bolt Correctly
By | May 10, 2021
Dear Editor, during several MK 19 grenade machine gun services, we’ve noticed what could be considered incorrect wire lacing on the bolt. Nuts are laced together to reduce any and all movement or as much movement as possible...

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M320 Grenade Launcher: Watch How You Store the Muzzle Cap
By | Nov. 3, 2020
Dear Editor, It looks like there’s still a problem with how Soldiers are storing the M320 grenade launcher (GL) muzzle cap. As a result, the cap ends up getting misplaced, lost or shot off the GL...

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M320 Grenade Launcher: New Guidance for Buttstock Receiver Damage
By | May 1, 2020
Operators, you’ll find the preventive maintenance checks for the M320 grenade launcher on Page 0019-2 of TM 9-1010-232-10 (Nov 08, w/Ch 1, Apr 12). The BEFORE PMCS’s Equipment Not Ready/Available If section for Item 1 tells...

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MK19: Property Book Serial Number Confusion Cleared
By | Dec. 19, 2019
Dear Editor, some units with MK19 grenade machine guns (Mods 3 and 4) have incorrect serial numbers listed on the property book. That's because the weapon is etched/engraved with both a serial number and the month/year of...

M320A1 Grenade Launcher: Store & Transport with Care
By | Sept. 30, 2019
Dear Editor, here at Ft Leonard Wood, we’re seeing too many cracked or broken M320A1 grenade launcher sight supports. The only fix is to order the entire leaf sight assembly kit, NSN 1005-01-564-2663, for $55. And sometimes...