NEWS | Nov. 3, 2020

M320 Grenade Launcher: Watch How You Store the Muzzle Cap

Dear Editor,
It looks like there’s still a problem with how Soldiers are storing the M320 grenade launcher (GL) muzzle cap. As a result, the cap ends up getting misplaced, lost or shot off the GL.
Units have been using 550 cord to attach the muzzle cap to the side of the GL barrel assembly. This isn’t an approved way to keep the muzzle cap attached.
Here are some safety concerns with using 550 cord:
  • Cord gets caught
  • Cap inadvertently blocks the front of the barrel
  • Cord interferes with the vertical grip assembly
We strongly recommend using an individual bag or pouch for storage.
Soldiers can keep an eye out for a future update to TM 9-1010-232-10 (Nov 08) that will add the muzzle cap to the Additional Authorization List (AAL).

Joseph Lijek
Equipment Specialist
Editor’s note: Thanks for the tip, Joseph. Soldiers, watch how you store your muzzle cap.         

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