NEWS | Dec. 19, 2019

MK19: Property Book Serial Number Confusion Cleared

Dear Editor,
Some units with MK19 Mods 3 and 4 grenade machine guns have incorrect serial numbers listed on the property book.
There are two groups of numbers on the serial number line on the receiver: a five digit group and a four digit group. For example, 12345, then a space, and 0598 are seen. 
The five digits are the weapon’s serial number. The four digits are the month and year of manufacture. In this instance, the serial number is 12345, while 0598 indicates the month (May) and year (1998) of manufacture.
If your unit’s MK19 serial numbers aren’t properly entered into the property book as only five (5) digits, contact your PBO to correct it. 
Terry Nichols
Editor’s note: A good tip, Terry. Let’s get them right on the books.
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