NEWS | Sept. 30, 2019

M320A1 Grenade Launcher: Store & Transport with Care

Dear Editor,

Here at Ft Leonard Wood, we’re seeing too many cracked or broken M320A1 grenade launcher sight supports. The only fix is to order the entire leaf sight assembly kit, NSN 1005-01-564-2663, for $55. And sometimes it can take a long time to get the kit.

But much of this damage is preventable if Soldiers and armorers just exercise a little care. The most critical thing to remember is don’t stack anything on top of an M320A1!

In the arms room, armorers often store M320A1s on shelves and then pile other equipment on top, including other grenade launchers. Laying grenade launchers on shelves is fine. Just don’t put anything on top of them.

Same thing goes for trips to the field. Don’t pile other equipment on M320A1s and don’t let them bounce around in the back of a truck. A good investment is a sturdy container for transport that protects launchers from equipment and feet. You can probably find containers around the unit that will work.

Charles Dutton
Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Editor’s note: Common sense protection can keep M320A1s firing. Thanks for the tip, Charles. This just in! The launcher sight support can now be ordered with NSN 1005-01-682-2022.