MSG Half-Mast
Batteries: Solar Maintainers Required for Long-Term Equipment Storage
By | Oct. 23, 2023
AR 750-1 and DA PAM 750-1 were updated to clarify that approved solar maintainers are required for equipment in LUP, NCOMP and outdoor storage. Read on to learn more...

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Ground Vehicles: 6TAGM MILSPEC Batteries Can be Mixed
By | July 19, 2023
PulseTech® Products Corporation recently released the U.S. Army Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) (May 23). The BMMP describes the three batteries that you could receive with NSN 6140-01-485-1472, and they’re...

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Ground Vehicles: Don’t Get Mixed Up with Batteries
By | July 18, 2023
While it’s recommended to use the same NSN batteries in vehicles requiring multiple batteries, it’s not recommended to mix old and new batteries. Keep reading to find out why...

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I Own This Campaign: Nominate a Deserving Warfighter
By | May 5, 2023
Taking ownership and pride in assigned vehicles and equipment is vital to ensuring personal, unit and fleet readiness. Without this personal investment and active involvement, Warfighters fail to ensure preventive and...

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Ground Vehicles: Want to Order in Bulk?
By | April 14, 2023
There are items you can order in bulk for your vehicles and equipment. Ordering in bulk can save units money and ensure high-usage items are available when needed. Here’s how to find what you can order in bulk...

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Lead-Acid Batteries: WP Update for TM 9-6140-200-13
By | March 28, 2023
AR 750-1 was recently updated which caused a need for an update in work package (WP) 0020 of TM 9-6140-200-13, Operator and Field Maintenance for Automotive Lead-Acid Storage Batteries (May 11). Get the correct info here...

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Corrosion: TACOM Introduces Basic Corrosion Course for Operators
By | Feb. 9, 2023
There’s a new corrosion course available for all Army personnel, including civilians and contractors who operate and maintain Army ground equipment. Read on...

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Safety: Are You and Your Vehicles Ready for Winter?
By | Nov. 22, 2022
This article initially appeared in PS 792 (Nov 18), p. 12. Maintenance leaders, winter is here and requires more preparation and maintenance for vehicles. But that’s not all, read on…...

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PS Magazine: New How-To Video Section Optimizes Website Experience
By | Nov. 4, 2022
PS introduces the new PS How-To Videos section which has several short tutorials (two minutes or less) designed to optimize your experience using this website. Get more info here…...

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HELLFIRE Missile System: Get Fired Up with PM!
By | Sept. 26, 2022
To learn how to keep you hellfire missile system in good firing shape, continue reading this article from PS 802 (Sep 19)...

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Corrosion: Keep Corrosion at Bay
By | Sept. 14, 2022
To help prevent corrosion, keep plenty of desiccant on hand. Get the NSN here…...

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All Fleets: Promote Safety by Avoiding the “Dirty Dozen”
By | Sept. 9, 2022
The nemesis to Army safety is a “dirty dozen” of human-centered factors. Keep reading to learn what these factors are and ways to avoid them...

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Safety: Off-Duty Awareness Sustains the Force
By | May 3, 2022
Mission success always includes safety. When the mission is over, safety doesn’t stop. Read on to learn about resources to make off-duty safety a priority...

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Missiles: Remember to Report All Missiles Fired
By | April 21, 2022
The US Army has the most reliable missile systems in the world. One reason for that excellence is that missile system managers are constantly analyzing firing information submitted from the field. It’s important that units...

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Corrosion: Bust Rust with TACOM CCI Checklists
By | March 31, 2022
Maintenance leaders, did you know the TACOM Corrosion website has corrosion control inspection (CCI) checklists? It sure does. Here's what you need to know...

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IADS: Export and Import Function Enables Sharing of Notes
By | March 29, 2022
For Soldiers using IADS to view IETMS—which is primarily limited to aviation and missile units at present—there’s a relatively new feature to be aware of: the ability to export and import notes, particularly those relating to...

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I Sustain This Recognition Program: Nominate a Deserving Civilian Sustainer
By | March 2, 2022
Maintaining equipment to meet combat readiness requirements and stay in the fight, even under the most arduous of circumstances, often relies on the support of civilian sustainers and maintainers. Here's how you can recognize...

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Corrosion: New Documents Published
By | Feb. 25, 2022
Corrosion is an ongoing battle. To ensure this menace never wins the day, two new corrosion policy and procedures publications are available...

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Missiles: 2021 Year-in-Review
By | Jan. 18, 2022
This article highlights missile-related articles from 2021 and some of the information readers found most useful...

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PS Magazine: A Trusted Source for Readiness Information
By | July 20, 2021
For 70 years, Soldiers—as well as other service personnel—have relied on PS Magazine to get the late-breaking, correct information they need to keep their fleets combat ready. Still, a question continues to pop up in motor...

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Corrosion: AMCOM Has New Corrosion Website
By | May 27, 2021
The new AMCOM corrosion website has a lot of great information to offer. Aviation and missile units can use the website to request assistance. You can find help from departments for corrosion, nondestructive testing (NDT) and...

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Don’t Spin Our Wheels!
By | Feb. 23, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 759 (May 16), p. 1. PS Magazine gets lots of maintenance and supply questions each month. Sometimes we can send out an immediate answer. Other times, those answers take a couple days to a...

MSG Half-Mast
PS Magazine: Help Us Help You
By | Dec. 23, 2020
Each day, emails from Soldiers and DoD civilians all over the world come into PS Magazine seeking answers to challenges they're facing while maintaining their vehicles and equipment. And each day, Half-Mast or a member of his...

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UTAP: You’re Just a Click Away!
By | Nov. 17, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 798 (May 19), p. 20-21. TACOM’s Unit Training Assistance Program, UTAP, provides approved training materials for a variety of TACOM-managed equipment...

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M287/AT4 Tracer Trainer: Need Help Getting Parts?
By | Sept. 18, 2020
Soldiers, if your unit has the M287/AT4 tracer trainer and is having trouble getting repair parts, here’s the why and the how to get what you need. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) doesn’t have the demand to stock some of the...