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NEWS | April 21, 2022

Missiles: Remember to Report All Missiles Fired

Missiles from Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
Photo by Pfc. Jaewoo Oh

The US Army has the most reliable missile systems in the world. One reason for that excellence is that missile system managers are constantly analyzing firing information submitted from the field.
It’s important that units collect missile firing data and report it using the FIREIT portal. The data collected is analyzed for performance, reliability and safety issues.
Commanders have a responsibility to report every missile fired according to AR 700-19, US Army Munitions Reporting System. The FIREIT portal asks a lot of questions about each missile firing so the Army can understand how the system is performing in its intended environment. Do your best to answer all of them, but at a minimum, you must fill out the required fields.
Also, submit your reports ASAP. If you’re reporting on a training exercise, you can consolidate the firing reports to submit at one time; however, all reports should be submitted within five (5) days after finishing the exercise.
If there’s a misfire, hangfire or dud, you must submit both a firing report in FIREIT and a malfunction report. AR 75-1, Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives, tells how to report a malfunction.
The FIREIT portal requires an account to submit missile reports. If you haven’t established one, do it today. By the way, these reports won’t be used to score your unit or compare units’ performances. They’ll only be used to enhance the performance and readiness of the Army’s missile systems.
Use FIREIT portal to report missile firing data
Use FIREIT portal to report missile firing data
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