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NEWS | March 29, 2022

IADS: Export and Import Function Enables Sharing of Notes

Electronic Technical Manual replaces paper manual books and allows Soldiers to quickly search for the information needed while in the field and during combat.
Photo by Kinsey Lindstrom
For Soldiers using IADS to view IETMS—which is primarily limited to aviation and missile units at present—there’s a relatively new feature to be aware of: the ability to export and import notes, particularly those relating to Aviation Maintenance Action Message (AMAM), Ground MAM (GMAM) or Aviation Safety Action Message (ASAM) changes or updates to the manual.

The export/import feature became available in November 2020 and requires IADS version 4.1.1 or newer. Here are the steps to follow to export and then import notes from one computer or device to another.
  1. With the IADS Notes window open, click the share icon along the top to open the export/import function.
Share icon
Share icon
  1. Select Export Notes and the specific type of notes to export. This will create an EXCEL file that can be migrated to a flash drive or other removable media (such as CD or DVD) to transfer the data to another computer or device (make sure to follow local security protocols and unit SOP when it comes to removable media).
  2. On the receiving computer or device, repeat Step 1 and, in Step 2, select Import Notes instead of Export Notes.

Notes window showing sub-menus to export and import notes
Whenever a new or updated IETM is published to the field, units should ensure that all notes remain valid and delete those for changes that have been incorporated into the IETM. 

If you have questions about how to use IADS, contact IADS Customer Support by email at:

You can also visit the IADS website HERE.
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