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M160 Light Flail: New NSN for Primary Element Filter
By | Aug. 1, 2023
Don’t use NSN 4330-01-602-2321 to order the primary element filter (air filter) shown as Item 14 in Fig 21 of TM 9-2360-392-23-3 (Jun 19). Read on to get the right NSN to use...

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M160 Light Flail: TM Lists Incorrect O-ring NSN
By | Aug. 1, 2023
The O-ring listed as NSN 5331-53-000-0869 in Item 7 of Fig 77 of TM 9-2360-392-23-3 (Jun 19) is incorrect. Keep reading to get the right NSN...

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Corrosion: Training the Basics
By | July 7, 2023
Maintenance leaders, PS has an excellent PowerPoint presentation that you can download and use to train Soldiers on basic corrosion information or tailor to your equipment and vehicles. Read on...

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AN/PSS 14C Mine Detector: Get a Grip on the Grip
By | July 5, 2023
The AN/PSS 14C mine detector handle is made of plastic, so handle it with care. Use the forearm strap when operating the mine detector, to reduce the chance of damage. Read on for more tips to keep the detector detecting…...

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I Own This Campaign: Nominate a Deserving Warfighter
By | May 5, 2023
Taking ownership and pride in assigned vehicles and equipment is vital to ensuring personal, unit and fleet readiness. Without this personal investment and active involvement, Warfighters fail to ensure preventive and...

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M1270 MMPV Type II: New Annual Service Kit NSN
By | May 4, 2023
Maintainers, there’s a new annual service kit for the M1270 MMPV Type II that’s not in the current TM. Get the NSN here...

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Ground Vehicles: Drive Like Your Life Depends on It!
By | June 10, 2022
Warfighters, MSG Half-Mast requests you huddle up with your fellow Soldiers and remind them that driving tactical vehicles is serious business. Just how serious is it? Find out here...

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I Sustain This Recognition Program: Nominate a Deserving Civilian Sustainer
By | March 2, 2022
Maintaining equipment to meet combat readiness requirements and stay in the fight, even under the most arduous of circumstances, often relies on the support of civilian sustainers and maintainers. Here's how you can recognize...

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M139 Volcano: Hand Control Unit (HCU) Replaced by New HCU Cable Set
By | June 3, 2021
If you plan to use your unit’s M139 Volcano on HEMTTs, you need to know about a major change to the hand control unit (HCU).The Volcano’s HCU has two (2) NSNs. Both are being replaced by a new HCU cable set, NSN...

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Don’t Spin Our Wheels!
By | Feb. 23, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 759 (May 16), p. 1. PS Magazine gets lots of maintenance and supply questions each month. Sometimes we can send out an immediate answer. Other times, those answers take a couple days to a...

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UTAP: You’re Just a Click Away!
By | Nov. 17, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 798 (May 19), p. 20-21. TACOM’s Unit Training Assistance Program, UTAP, provides approved training materials for a variety of TACOM-managed equipment...

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M7 Spider Area Denial System: Lithium Battery Safety
By | Aug. 1, 2019
If you don’t follow basic safety rules for your M7 Spider area denial system’s lithium batteries, equipment damage or even injuries could result!...