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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | July 5, 2023

AN/PSS 14C Mine Detector: Get a Grip on the Grip

BLUF: Keeping these tips in mind when you operate the mine detector will prevent damage to the hand grip and ensure proper functioning.

Soldier with mine detector
Courtesy Photo
Dear Editor,

Operators need to be careful when they hold the AN/PSS 14C mine detector. The detector’s hand grip is light plastic and can break easily. Here are some tips to protect the hand grip and improve functioning of the detector.

1. Before operations, check the grip for cracks. Remember, a broken grip must be replaced. Don’t try to repair it; instead, report it!  

Check the grip for cracks; if cracked, report it
Check the grip for cracks; if cracked, report it
2. Make sure your arm is properly positioned on the cradle with the forearm strap properly adjusted. Balance the detector on the primary arm by adjusting the control grip.

3. It’s recommended to use the support sling or support handle to relieve some of the weight while sweeping.
a. Attach the sling behind the control grip and to the operator’s load bearing equipment (LBE), load bearing vest (LBV) or body armor.

Hooks are placed behind the control grip
Hooks are placed behind the control grip
b. Attach the support handle in front of the control grip.
Support handle is placed in front of the control grip
Support handle is placed in front of the control grip
4. Be careful when you store the mine detector in its case. Mark the bar that’s visible in the case with a white line to make sure the detector is in the right position to be stowed. Slide the control grip in so the back of the connector is forward of the line. The detector will fit properly in the case and the grip will not be touching anything.

Back of connector is forward of the white line
Back of connector is forward of the white line
5. Never pull hard or yank on the grip; it will break!

6. If you have a system that needs to be repaired, make sure to ship only the system itself inside the field pack and CBRN container. Don’t ship any other components with it, e.g. support sling/handle, battery case and earpieces. Here’s the shipping address:
ATTN: B-16 Repair Program (Depot Controller)
Tobyhanna Army Depot
Myers and Second Streets
Warehouse 2, Bay 1
Tobyhanna, PA 18466-5059
RIC BY6 Project Code 9HN
Kenneth J Hardy
Ft Leonard Wood, MO 
Editor’s Note: Mr. Hardy, these helpful tips will help operators keep a “grip” on PM!       
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