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CSS ISA VSAT: Antenna Retrofit Scheduled for FY23
By | March 28, 2023
The 4QFY23 retrofit for the CSS ISA VSAT/AN/TSC-245 (v)2 includes numerous upgrades and will change the system’s nomenclature. To learn more, read on…...

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Satellite Communication Terminal: Operator and Maintenance TMs Released
By | Feb. 10, 2023
Three (3) TMs have been released for the satellite communication terminal AN/TSC-208. Read on to learn more...

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SATCOM: KGV-310B TRANSEC Module Destruct Switch Alert
By | Jan. 26, 2023
Units need to be careful when zeroizing the SMART-T TRANSEC module or they may mistakenly destroy the module. To learn more, read on…...

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Publications: Tracking Down the STT Trailer TM
By | Nov. 15, 2022
A reader is hunting for a TM for the STT trailer parts. Half-Mast has the answer…...

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Communications: Switching It Up
By | July 26, 2022
Half-Mast helps out a Signal Soldier in their search for an STT switch. Read his solution here...

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SATCOM: Updated SMART-T TM Now Available
By | July 20, 2022
CECOM has published an updated TM for the SMART-T satellite communications system. Read on to learn more...

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SATCOM: Detailed TNT-ATH Technical Procedure Released for STT
By | April 13, 2022
For units using the Tactical Network Transport-At the Halt (TNT-ATH), a detailed technical procedure (DTP) is now available that contains important updates. Read on to learn more...

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Training: LandWarNet Offers Many Options
By | Aug. 10, 2021
Have you heard of LandWarNet (LWN) eUniversity? It’s the Army’s one-stop training resource for all things cyber, signal, mission command and information technology...

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AN/TSC-156D: Protect Phoenix Antenna Assemblies
By | March 19, 2021
Dear Editor, during a recent communications exercise (COMEX), we found that three (3) of our AN/TSC-156D Phoenix tactical satellites had identical, quarter-sized holes in the antenna assemblies. We discovered that operators...

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SATCOM: Go Green with Guidance
By | May 18, 2020
This article originally appeared in PS 789 (Aug 18), Page 47. Dear Half-Mast, Our unit’s equipment is supposed to be painted green here in Europe. Do we need special paint for the satellite terminal reflectors?...