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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 26, 2023

SATCOM: KGV-310B TRANSEC Module Destruct Switch Alert

BLUF: Mistakenly choosing the destruct switch when zeroizing the KGV-310B TRANSEC module on the SMART-T system results in unnecessary and costly repair.

Soldiers with SMART-T
Photo by Staff Sgt. Malcom Cohens-Ashley
Dear Editor,

Our team is noticing a high trend of KGV-310B transmission security (TRANSEC) module destruction in the AN/TSC-154A Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical-Terminal (SMART-T).

Operators are mistaking the destruct switch for a way to zeroize the TRANSEC; as a result, they're accidentally destroying the device.

When the TRANSEC module is destructed, the device requires evacuation to Tobyhanna Army Depot for a lengthy repair.

Our quick reference guide with photos HERE will help prevent operators from accidentally destroying their TRANSECs or corrupting the cryptographic recovery keys (CRKs). You'll need your CAC to access the link.

It’s important to note that according to the SMART-T TM 11-5895-1881-13&P (May 22), an inoperable TRANSEC module deadlines the SMART-T and should be reflected in GCSS-A for proper reporting.
In addition, operators should keep in mind that:
  1. The destruct function is only for battle overrun situations. End of mission zeroization is an option available during normal shutdown of the terminal and should be executed at the system menu.
  2. To prevent corruption, the CRK should not be inserted or removed while the terminal is powering on or powering down.
SFC Elvis R. Guevara
2nd Infantry Division
Editor’s note: That’s some smart info about SMART-T. CECOM agrees with this important message. Thanks.
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