Reader Service

NOTICE: PS Magazine is undergoing changes to its staffing. As members of the PS Team depart, they are currently not being backfilled. This means we are unable to respond to Reader Inquiries in the areas departing writers covered. As of 11 Mar 2024, we are unable to reply to questions in the following areas:
  • Wheeled/Tactical Vehicles
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Small arms
  • CBRN
  • Construction / CCE
  • Missiles
  • Mine clearance/Mines/Mine systems
In the near future, we'll offer guidance on where to go for assistance in these areas. 
Letters to MSG Half-Mast or Other Characters
MSG Half-Mast says "Sometimes Soldiers have questions about maintenance. We're always happy to help."
Do you have questions you can't seem to get answers for? Is there something in the TM that seems out of place or incorrect (while there's a procedure to report these possible errors, you still need answers in the meantime)? Do you need an NSN? When you order a part, do you not get what you need? You can send these questions and more to us and we'll work with the appropriate technical expert to get you answers. You can submit your questions to us at: 

Sometimes your questions turn into Dear Half-Mast articles on our website. Click on the link below for an example:
Letters to the Editor
SFC Rotor Blade says, "Sometimes Soldiers figure out a way to do things in the field and share the info with us."
Do you have suggestions or recommendations for ways to better maintain vehicle(s) and equipment that should appear in PS Magazine? Have you created a new tool or application that might help other units keep their fleets fully mission-capable? Do you simply want to remind Soldiers and Warfighters about lessons-learned or TTP that would benefit them the same way it's benefited you and your unit? Then submit them to:
These ideas or recommendations will be sent to the appropriate technical expert for review. If approved, they'll typically appear as "Dear Editor" articles. Here's an example:
This history behind our Reader Service
Did you know that PS: The Preventive Maintenance Magazine's Reader Service pre-dates the magazine itself? 

Yep. It goes back to Army Motors, PS's predecessor, where our creator, Will Eisner, worked before he established PS. As you can see from the image below, it was called, Sgt. "Half-Mast" McCanick's Question Dept. Perhaps it should have been called the Answer Dept., but either way, it was all about responding to Soldiers' questions so they'd have the latest and best information at their disposal.

Sgt. Half-Mast McCanick's Question Dept. 

Here's an example question and answer from the July 1942 issue of Army Motors (click on the image to view the entire issue at the RadioNerds website):
Example Half-Mast response to Soldier question