NEWS | Aug. 18, 2020

Small Arms: Security and Handling Tips

Dear Editor,
When Soldiers transport small arms to the shop for maintenance, they need to follow the guidance in AR 190-11, Physical Security of Arms Ammunition, and Explosives (Jan 19).

Maybe some units aren’t aware of the regulation because weapons aren’t being transported the right way.
Don’t transport your weapons like this
Don’t transport your weapons like this

Don’t pile up weapons in vehicles or leave them unsecured. Doing so allows them to bang against each other, possibly damaging sights or other parts of the weapon and costing the unit non-mission capable time and more money for repair parts
Securing weapons in transportable arms racks or lockable storage boxes and some padding helps to protect the weapons from being damaged during transport. Also, leader involvement never hurts.

Terry Nichols
19 ESC Armament Branch Chief
Editor’s note: Terry, thanks for the advice. Soldiers, be careful and follow the prescribed guidance when transporting your small arms.