NEWS | Jan. 26, 2021

PU-822A/T: Facts on Tongue Jacks

Power production specialist at work
Photo by David Gray
Dear Half-Mast,

I'm looking for the tongue jack for a power plant utility trailer (PU-822A/T), NSN-6115-01-547-6738. The usable on code (UOC) is 89X.

In Fig 20 of the RPTSL in TM 11-6115-742-13&P (May 12), it’s not showing that I can order the whole jack assembly. I’ve looked in FED LOG with the CAGE code and haven’t found what I'm looking for. Any clues?

Dear Sergeant,

Here at PS, we’re all about giving the right clues or, better yet, solutions. You can order the entire tongue jack assembly with the following: NSN 2590-01-630-6252 (tan) or NSN 2590-01-630-6256 (green).
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