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NEWS | Sept. 7, 2021

I Own This: August 2021 Nominees

PS Magazine’s I Own This campaign is designed to recognize Warfighters of all services who exemplify the highest standards of care for their assigned vehicles and equipment and contribute in meaningful ways to their unit's overall maintenance and supply posture. In short, they live and breathe readiness.
This month, we had three (3) Warfighters nominated for this program. All are deserving of this recognition. One was selected at random to get the spotlight placed on them. This month, that individual is LCPL David P Salazar.
Spotlight Profile
LCPL David Salazar
LCPL David P Salazar
Marine Corps/Active
Small Arms Repairer/Technician
Weapons and Field Training Bn, Edson Range, Camp Pendleton, CA
Nominated by: CW2 Shawn Daley

How did you come to know/observe the nominee's actions? I am the battalion's maintenance management officer and I observe his dedication and impact to the mission on a daily basis.

Why does this individual deserve recognition? LCPL Salazar is pictured supporting a recruit rifle range by immediately repairing all weapons on the spot to maintain an uninterrupted training environment. He inspects, assesses and fixes problems by using learned experience and continual dedication. As a small arms repairmen, he pays attention to each situation to sustain the mission.

Additional Comments: He takes great initiative and shows inspirational dedication with the sole intent to maintain 100-percent, combat-ready, mission-essential equipment.
Also Nominated...

Soldier's Name:       SSG Aaron P Abelson
Unit:                          872nd Support Maintenance Co, Ogden, UT
Position/Title:          Motor Sergeant
Component:             Army/Active Reserve   
NSN or End Item:     M984A4
Nominated by:         CW3 Douglas Marida
Justification:           I observed SSG Abelson finishing up a service on a piece of equipment that was brought back from an MFGI mission. He proceeded to the wash bay, then vacuumed the inside, and last cleaned all exterior mirrors before road test and placing the vehicle back on line. I was told by his counterparts that's what he always does. They advised he was very thorough. I was impressed and thought, what if more Soldiers took the time to set that type of standard? I came to find out that he is like this with every task he is given. SSG Abelson exemplifies the words duty and integrity. It's what he does when no one else is looking that defines his character. Whether he knows it or not, Soldiers and leaders are paying attention. His subordinates are definitely paying attention. Mentors like him are what defines the Army and great leadership. This is just a great Soldier who deserves the recognition.

SSG Aaron Abelson
SSG Aaron Abelson

Soldier's Name:      SSG Shawn Mantanona
Unit:                         B Battery2-18 Field Artillery Regiment, Ft Sill, OK
Position/Title:          Maintenance Support Sergeant 
Component:            Army/Active      
NSN or End Item:    MLRS M270A1
Nominated by:        1LT Samuel Spivey
Justification:           SSG Mantanona is one of the hardest-working field artillery maintenance support team leaders that I have ever met. He truly owns his team and their equipment, and represents the best-of-the-best when it comes to maintenance and care for equipment in our unit. SSG Mantanona works hard, takes care of his people and always gets the job done.
To learn more about nominating a Warfighter for this recognition, read the article HERE
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