NEWS | July 20, 2021

PS Shout-Out to Maintenance Activity Vilseck

Shout-Out to Maintenance Activity Vilseck
MSG Half-Mast gives a shout-out to Maintenance Activity Vilseck!
Every day, PS Magazine gets a lot of questions and ideas from Warfighters—and those who support them—from around the globe that lead to positive maintenance and sustainment changes.
Recently, Maintenance Activity Vilseck contacted MSG Half-Mast. They suggested that the TMs for the M1087A1 and M1087A1P2 FMTV expansible vans be updated with some cautions for everyday operations to decrease damage to the equipment. The changes were approved by TACOM.

For their maintenance and sustainment diligence, we give a special shout-out to Konrad Dotzler and Herbert Speth of Maintenance Activity Vilseck.  Here’s a link to the article for the M1087A1 update: