NEWS | July 12, 2021

FMTV: Scan Your M1087 Expansible Van


The M1087A1 expansible van’s TM 9-2320-392-10 (Oct 17) and the M1087A1P2’s TM 9-2320-333-10 (Sep 15) don’t give you cautions for everyday operations. So, here are two (2) important ones for you.
  1. Before extending the M1087’s sides, scan around the van and make sure there’s plenty of space around it. That way you won’t bang the sides into something and cause damage.
  2. Before placing the van sides back into their normal position, scan inside the van. Make sure all equipment is properly stowed, tied-down or braced. If not, you’ll risk bending, twisting, breaking or otherwise damaging the brackets, rivets, hinges and other components inside the van.
Bent bracket inside van
Bent bracket inside van
Make a note until the TMs are updated.