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Have a Soldier/Warfighter who takes pride and ownership of their assigned equipment? Then nominate them for PS Magazine's "I Own This" recognition program. Click HERE to learn more.
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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Sept. 8, 2020

I Own This: August 2020 Nominees

PS Magazine’s I Own This campaign is designed to recognize Warfighters of all services who exemplify the highest standards of care for their assigned vehicles and equipment and contribute in meaningful ways to their unit's overall maintenance and supply posture. In short, they live and breathe readiness.
This month, we had five Warfighters nominated for this program. All are deserving of this recognition. One was selected at random to get the spotlight placed on them. For August 2020, that Warfighter is SSG Robert Price.
Spotlight Profile
SSG Robert Price
SSG Robert Price
2-20th FAB, 67th FSC, FT. Sill, OK

Nominated by: CW2 Angela M. Hardin

How did you come to know/observe the nominee's actions? SSG Price has worked for me for some time now. He takes the time to train each Soldier and consistently sets the standard for all operators to emulate. He has been recognized by the installation evaluation team during Table XV qualification and CASCOM [Combined Arms Support Command] fielding project managers.

Why does this individual deserve recognition?  SSG Price has pride and takes ownership of his M88A1 recovery vehicle. He is dedicated to his fleet, his Soldiers and their training. He is first at work and the last to leave the motor pool. As a leader, SSG Price sets the standard in professionalism and technical knowledge. He is a dedicated NCO who is always passing on his knowledge to his Soldiers.

Any additional comments?  SSG Price's contribution to unit readiness is immeasurable. He is sought by leaders across the brigade and installation for his ability and know-how. He exemplifies the highest standard of care for his equipment and all those within his charge.
Also Nominated...
Soldier's Name:       PFC August A. Goodwin       
Unit:                          FSC 5th EN BN, Ft. Leonard Wood MO       
Position/Title:          91B       
Component:             Active       
NSN or End Item:    2310-01-111-2274
Nominated by:         1LT Ethan Carmack
Justification:            The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused much of training to slow down but maintenance, services and readiness continue. PFC Goodwin has been able to ensure our unit’s readiness and supports not only us, but also our HHC. PFC Goodwin led the way as a 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic when he removed an old and then installed an entirely new engine for HUMVEE FLA (Field Litter Ambulance) to ensure we had medical support for a battalion-level exercise. PFC Goodwin had never been tasked with a job as large as this and saw the opportunity to make an impact; he was given his mission and was successful in his execution. He exemplifies the finest qualities in a Soldier: he recognizes each unit's need for support, the importance of his job and the impact it has on our unit.    
Soldier's Name:       SFC Travis S Gowdy       
Unit:                          J FSC 2-2 IN BN 3/10 MTN DIV (LI), Ft Polk, LA      
Position/Title:          Platoon Sergeant      
Component:             Active      
NSN or End Item:     N/A             
Nominated by:         SGT George Edmonds    
Justification:            SFC Travis’s guidance gets missions accomplished. He's not only the platoon sergeant but also the maintenance control sergeant. He knows exactly how to talk to people to get the mission done. He is willing to go the extra mile and bend over backwards for his Soldiers. SFC Travis has trust in his NCOs to get the job done and does not micromanage them; this allows the NCOs to remain focused on their jobs.
Soldier's Name:       SSG Terial T Greenhill Jr.
Unit:                          B Co, 2-210th AVN REGT, 128th AVN BDE Ft. Eustis, VA         
Position/Title:          Master Evaluator         
Component:             Active      
NSN or End Item:    UH-60 A/L/M               
Nominated by:         SFC Joshua D. Grieser 
Justification:            SSG Greenhill developed, tested, introduced and managed the battalion's UH-60A/L/M trainer digital -17 records portal. He reviewed, updated and corrected key shortfalls prior to the digital portal being opened to other equipment managers across B Co, 2-210th. His organizational strategy and continued oversight prevented critical operational failures. He ensured all involved understood how to access and edit required documents for proper accountability--unique to only a TRADOC environment. Through the BDE S-3 cell, SSG Greenhill was able to build, troubleshoot and successfully implement a fully-digital -17 portal where one had not previously existed, bringing the BDE/BN/Co on par with Army Vision 2028. This NCO exemplifies going above and beyond what is expected of him, and he still ensures he is up to date with what is happening in FORSCOM, even though he's assigned to a TDA unit. The safety of the Soldiers around him and the success of the Army's Center for Initial Military Training (CIMT) mission are always the utmost priority for him. His development and implementation of multiple different systems--most notably the -17 portal, has allowed more time to be dedicated to providing comprehensive instruction to the CIMT community regarding the 15T10 MOS.      
Soldier's Name:       PFC Maximo A. Martinez   
Unit:                          FSC, 5th Engineer Battalion, Ft. Leonard Wood MO
Position/Title:          91E/ Allied Trades Specialist   
Component:             Active  
NSN or End Item:    Shop Equipment, Welding          
Nominated by:         SGT Morgan, Garrett
Justification:           When PFC Martinez was integrated into the unit, he immediately made it clear that "no" was not an option. PFC Martinez is consistently familiarizing himself with innovations in metalworking, and will always go the extra mile to give you a perfect weld. PFC Martinez has become very knowledgeable of the various welding methods and is familiar with regulations and safety to ensure his shop sets the standard for others to follow. He spends his “off-duty” time 3-D printing, which he intends longer-term to assist those in his community with his contributions. 
To learn more about nominating a Warfighter for this recognition, read the article HERE

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