NEWS | Feb. 27, 2020

Small Arms: Give Weapons a Fighting Chance

Dear Editor,
As armament LARs, we’ve noticed two glaring problems when visiting arms rooms: no TMs or outdated TMs and insufficient cleaning supplies and tools. Without current -10 TMs and enough cleaning equipment, weapons don’t have a fighting chance to do their jobs. Soldiers have to rely on what they remember from AIT and that’s to PMCS and troubleshoot their weapons. But that’s hard when they don’t have what’s needed for cleaning and lubing.
Fortunately, these problems have easy and cheap solutions.
TMs are free. Armorers can order as many as they need. Every unit should have a pubs clerk and armorers should make a point to find out who it is. Give the pubs clerk a list of the TMs you need and within minutes the order can be in the system.
When the TMs arrive, make sure they get into the hands of Soldiers and don’t sit in a drawer. But make sure they’re turned in along with the weapon at the end of a mission. Yes, some of the TMs will disappear, but centralizing their control will help ensure they’re available when needed.
Part of the problem is there’s a high turnover of armorers. Just when they get a grip on the job, they’re transferred someplace else. That’s why TMs need to be included in arms room inspections as an accountable item. If TMs are lacking, armorers should order more and establish better controls.
Of course, you don’t need to wait until the TMs arrive to give the latest info to your unit. The ETM website has virtually all small arms TMs, including the -10s. You can at least print out the most current PMCS for each weapon for each Soldier. Go to: As far as cleaning supplies and tools, the story on Pages 27-34 of PS 747 (Feb 15) lists all the NSNs for the various cleaning kits. But as the article makes very clear, it’s much cheaper to order the items individually using the NSNs in PS 747 or those listed in the BII of each -10. The article is at: 
  Order plenty so no Soldier has to worry about running out of CLP, bore brushes or anything else needed to clean his weapon.
Arturo Jurado                                                                         
Rodney Finch                                                                       
Ft Carson, CO
Editor’s note:  The -10 TMs and cleaning supplies!  It doesn’t get more basic than that. Thanks for emphasizing this.


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