NEWS | Feb. 21, 2020

Small Arms: Weapon Cleaning Kits May Be Cheaper by the Piece

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share with other PS readers the initiative of one of my high-speed NCOs, SGT Logan Thomas. 
SGT Logan Thomas

                                           SGT Logan Thomas

After reading your story about individually purchasing items in weapons cleaning kits on Pages 27-34 of PS 747 (Feb 15), SGT Thomas created a weapons cleaning kit calculator in Excel.  His spreadsheet compares the cost of cleaning kits to the cost of ordering the individual components of the kits.   
The unit was able to save over $53,000 by ordering the individual components!  His spreadsheet can help other units.

CPT David Hoy
Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Editor’s note: Kudos and thanks for sending us that handy spreadsheet, CPT Hoy and SGT Thomas.

Soldiers, we’ve attached a copy of the calculator to this article or you can try it out on the PS Magazine MilSuite site:
Just use your CAC for access.  And here’s an added tip for our readers.  If your unit decides to buy the kit parts separately, make sure you check for the current price. The spreadsheet was updated with January 2020 prices.)